impressionario // vite d’artista is an experimental series of art documentaries.

each 4’20” episode is a moving snap-shot, an impressionistic portrait.

piier takes a trip into the artist’s world to investigate the role of art in the times we live.

impressionario // vite d’artista won best documentary web series at DOCUnder30, Bologna

Impressione // Godblesscomputers

Piier and Godblesscomputers on a short car trip in three different cities (Vicenza, Ferrara, Cesena). Italy, 2014.

premiered on

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fresh yo! label
white forest records

Impressione // Sabrina Mezzaqui

An exclusive view on contemporary artist Sabrina Mezzaqui. Italy, 2014.

Displayed at Parma National Gallery during the exhibition

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Parma National Gallery
Galleria Continua
Galleria Massimo Minini
Sabrina Mezzaqui

Impressione // Dirk Zoete

Italy, Belgium, Brasil, 2014/15

Coming soon

Impressione // Carbonel

Brazil, Italy, 2014/15

In production – Expected 2016

Coming soon

Impressione // Giorgio Morandi

In production – Expected 2016