Impressionario // Vite d’artista

Impressionario // Vite d’artista

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  • November 24, 2014

Impressionario // Vite d’artista is a concept for a web series we are designing in these days…

We are working on developing a strong web series concept about some artists’ lifestyle and work.

Wednesday 3rd December there will be a public screening at Odeon Cinema in Bologna for the DOCUNDER30 competition for DDER ( Documentaristi Emilia Romagna). Piier will be present as a finalist (fingers crossed..!)

We started with a music producer (Godblesscomputers) then we moved on with a contemporary artist such as Sabrina Mezzaqui. Now we are working on the third episode about Belgian artist Dirk Zoete (short preview here) while planning the next two “Impressioni”, between Brazil and Japan.

Here, the first two finished episodes: Impressione // Godblesscomputers and Impressione // Sabrina Mezzaqui