Bom dia visse! Piier is back from his adventure in Recife, Brasil! Carnival, beaches, cities and people! Have a look at the photo album clicking “more”—>

One month in Recife (PE) together with belgian artist Dirk Zoete, brasilian street artist Carbonel and a lot of other friends! It was a blast!

First, some music —>


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Let’s start with a group picture. Would have been a perfect closing picture but whatever we put it first! From left to right: Dirk, Karen, SuperAfro, Chico, Tillo, Gilmar, Zami, Carbonel, Banzay MC. Front row: Paolo, Laura, Junior, Fejo, Ruggero. #group


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One shooting moment at the Maracatu opening of the Recife Carnival 2015 at Marco Zero. Guy was rocking some Frevo movements (typical dance accompanied by the little umbrella). #foreveryoung


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Carnival shooting can be.. pretty testing! #pain


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We happened to be also playing football in the rua behind Carbonel’s place. It was on the bucket list and I’m proud to say “CHECK”! #jogabonito


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Here are some pictures from our workshop “Carnival aftermovie”. We did toghether with CCJ Recife, Carbonel’s cultural association. #learningbydoing


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Some pictures of Carbonel’s family: Cleiton, Elidane and the little Giovanna at breakfast. It was difficult to stay away from that little, soft, smiley toddler! #youngpercussionist


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Ciao Zami! Ciao Laura! #belgica


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We’ve been also to a cultural centre in Recife with a recording studio (Studio EcoCultural) . Here you can see a proud Josias (the boss) showing his place, Zami scratching the hell out of an old Technics turntable and Banzay MC improvising with Carbonel. #resistencia


piier brasil (35)

In the room next to the studio, an hairdresser. Girls are kindly smiling for the photographer, other girl is less amused (and probably pissed of waiting). #braids


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One night we went to Gaibu to contribute in the reassembling of a square. Approximatively 200 hundred people showed up for cleaning, painting, decorating, rebuilding stuff, renewing other stuff etc. In three hours the square was brand new (unbelievable). We did our part, shooting and taking pictures of the event. Also mosaics. Apparently it was expected from us that we did a mosaic on the square… No worries, we got it covered (like we did mosaics every other day)! #art


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And this is Gaibu (and surroundings) by day. Awesome beach and surf spot. Our friend Daniel was so nice to drive us around on his motorcycle. Check how beautiful are local flora (and fauna, expecially fauna!). #datass


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Our visit at Janete Costa, at Dona Lindu Park. Dirk is probably going to have a personal exhibition in 2016! Maybe we’re going back to Recife too, who knows?? In the first picture you can probably see the awful location of this place: On the beachfront, with palms.. Really ugly! (Yes, I’m sarcastic). #exibição


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One of the last days we went with Carbonel,  Banzay and Zami to visit the poorest side of Recife, from the hills to the real favela. Banzay was kind to show us his place and the neighborhood. We also rented a boat (a raft) to see the houses from the river. Let’s be honest, not your everyday activity, not at all. #resistencia


piier brasil (62)

And the conclusion of the album a smiling Paolo hugging Carbonel while making timelapses at Recife Antigo. #obrigado


We had fun, and we worked hard, met a lot of interesting people and saw a lot of unusual things! What else would you ask from a month long trip? You are right, nothing more! We’ll be surely back in Recife; we left a piece of heart over there (and an HDMI cable)!